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Hire David Penn for an Unforgettable Magic Experience at Your Northampton Event

Are you searching for a magician in Northampton to make your occasion unforgettable? Go no further than David Penn's service for hiring a skilled magician. Experienced magician David Penn specialises in tech magic using smartphones. On this page, we'll examine how David can make your event special and why he's the best option for your magic entertainment requirements.


Create Unforgettable Memories with David Penn's Magic at Your Event

David, a talented performer, can make your corporate event, wedding reception, or birthday celebration one to remember. David has a special talent for captivating and mystifying his audience, leaving them wondering "how did he do that?" Magic is a universally engaging kind of entertainment for a variety of crowds. Magic is a flexible option for any event because to David's ability to create performances that are suited to your particular requirements and tastes. 

David has the talent to make your event special, whether you want him to perform close-up magic at a corporate event or stage magic at a wedding reception. His performances involve the audience and make them feel involved and a part of the entertainment.

David Penn performing at The Magic Circle

David Penn's Commitment to Professionalism and Interactivity

David distinguishes himself from other magicians by guaranteeing to be punctual, professional, and to dress appropriately for your event. He really believes in involving the audience in his performances and giving them a sense of inclusion. David is unrivalled in terms of professionalism and attention to detail. He received the "Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star" honour from The Magic Circle in recognition of his exceptional performance. Because of this, David Penn is the best option for your demands in terms of magic entertainment.

David Penn interviewed by Bernie Keith on Radio Northampton

Table Magician Northampton.jpg

Diverse Magic Styles and Cutting-Edge Tech Magic with Mobile Phones

David's magic is extensive, and he specialises in mentalism, stage magic, and close-up magic. Anyone looking for something genuinely current and cutting-edge will be impressed by his tech magic with smartphones. David can perform remarkable phone tricks with his experience in tech magic that will astound and confound your audience. 

David is the ideal pick for every occasion thanks to his wide range of magic techniques. He has the talent to make your event special, whether you want him to perform close-up magic at a corporate event or stage magic at a wedding reception. Your guests will be talking about your event for weeks thanks to David's artistry.

Magician in Northampton performing close-up magic.jpg

David Penn is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle
with Gold Star

Book David Penn for Your Event with Ease

David is simple and easy to hire for your event. Contact him with the specifics of your event, and he will collaborate with you to discover the ideal magic entertainment to suit your requirements and financial constraints. You can concentrate on enjoying the performance since David will take care of all the logistics, including the shows set up from start to finish.

Customer service is something David is incredibly dedicated to. In order to make sure that each client's event is one to remember, he works closely with them to understand their needs and preferences. David is the ideal choice for your upcoming event thanks to his meticulous attention to detail and proficiency in magic entertainment.


Create a Truly Magical Experience with David Penn's Professional Magic Hire Service

Consider hiring Northampton's best magician, David Penn, if you want to give your guests a genuinely wonderful experience. David promises to surpass your expectations and leave your guests talking about your event for weeks to come with his superb performance, personalised shows, and top-notch professionalism. 


To learn more and make arrangements for your own magic show, get in touch with him right away using the form below.

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