UK Close Up Magician - David Penn ©

David Penn has performed extensively all over the UK as a close up magician, iPad illusionist and Tech Magician. These are some of the areas that David has performed in:  BirminghamManchester, Nottingham, SheffieldMilton Keynes, London, Cambridge, Oxford, Northampton

Hiring renowned UK performer David Penn as a Close up Magician is a great way to enhance your next important corporate event, private party or wedding.


David was awarded 'The Magic Circle Close up Magician of the Year' by the famous London Magic Circle and his sophisticated form of up close table magic will amaze and astound your guests.


Because this style of entertainment is performed at such close quarters, David can move freely amongst your guests to add amazement and amusement to a drinks reception as well as entertaining at tables during dinner. His sleight of hand and entertaining style of delivery will be remembered by your guests for a long time to come.


As a Close up Magician David performs amazing magic so close that, if you weren't watching live, you would think it was camera trickery. Amongst other amazing effects, spectators' watches appear on David's wrist, bottles of Champagne appear, goldfish materialise out of thin air adding a touch of magic to any important event. 


David Penn is a five times national award winner for Close up Magic and has performed from London to Las Vegas for both private and corporate clients. 

David suggests one of the three entertainment options listed below. However, if you would like David to perform at a unique style of event, feel free to give us call to discuss your requirements or email

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Entertainment Options For David Performing As A Close-Up Magician

Option 1: Around the tables during your dinner.

David moves from table to table during the course of the dinner at your event, performing amazing Close up magic and wondrous illusions. 


David’s style will quickly captivate and astound your guests and, amongst other amazing effects, spectators' watches will appear on David's wrist, bottles of Champagne appear, a borrowed signed banknote is discovered inside a kiwi fruit and goldfish materialise out of thin air.


David’s performance will add to the atmosphere of your event as your guests are entertained and amazed by his elite style of award-winning magic.


David Performs regularly in London, Birmingham, Manchester and is available all over the UK. This booking lasts the full duration of the meal until any speeches or after dinner entertainment begins.

Option 2: During the drinks reception followed by around the tables during dinner.

Previous to David performing as a close-up magician around the tables at your gala dinner. David adds that extra touch of Magic to a drinks reception. As guests are waiting to take their seats for the evening meal, David approaches each group and gets the evening off to a magical start by reading someone’s mind or demonstrating some amazing Magic and sleight of hand. 

This magical entrée ensures that your guests are entertained from the beginning. David’s "Reception Magic" is a separate act that will build excitement and anticipation for your meal and the amazing Close up Magic that will accompany it. The drinks reception Magic lasts anything up to one hour until the guests are seated and the Close up Magic around the tables is then performed for the full duration of the meal as above.

Option 3: The Parlour Show

The Parlour Show retains the intimate feel of close up magic but is instead performed in a private room with the audience seated. This VIP atmosphere makes it ideal as a treat for special guests, important clients or exceptional staff members. Your guests get a front-row seat to see the incredible magic that won David the title of ‘Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year’ in London as well as the amazing metal bending routines that he used on cutlery at a private event for Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace.

David’s Parlour Show best suits audiences of less than 30 people. It is ideal for meeting days, small corporate gatherings or private parties as it requires no stage and less space and set up time than a cabaret. The show lasts approximately 60 minutes.