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Magician Northampton

Magician Northampton - David Penn is an award-winning close-up magician covering Northamptonshire and the UK. He can adapt his magic act for a wide range of events including corporate events, weddings, cabaret or trade shows.


He has had a successful career in magic which has seen him winning the Magic Circle’s, ‘Close up Magician of the Year’. He has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, making him a popular entertainer across the UK, not just in Northampton.


Whether it’s entertaining table-to-table as your guest dine or mingling around your wedding guests David’s close-up magic is bound to impress, even at close quarters. David’s magician tricks will leave your guests talking about your event for years to come as he unleashes his wide range of magic skills, suited to young and old.


Regardless of the event from Northampton to London, David has spell bounded his audience with his unique blend of sleight of hand and close-up magic. So whether it’s your next corporate awards night, your big wedding day or you are looking for something different to attract visitors to your trade stand, get in touch now on


So if you are after one of the most sought after and respected magicians in the industry, fill in the contact us form below and you will be emailed a digital brochure (pdf) and a quote..

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You can download David's eBrochure now as a pdf. On mobile you can hold down and "save linked file".

Magician Northampton.jpg

David Penn wowing guests during a private engagement at Northampton's Fawsley Hall.

Magician wedding Northampton.jpg

Wedding Magician Northampton - David Penn performing an illusion on the best man.

Table Magician Northampton.jpg

Northampton Wedding Magician

Why Engage David’s Services On your Wedding Day?

I’m sure you have been to a wedding, as a guest and stood around thinking “When’s the food?’ The reality is, that during your day’s events there will be a lot of ‘downtime’ for your guests. This could be, in the time immediately after the ceremony, whilst the photographs are being taken or in between the courses during the meal. This can be an uncomfortable time as many of your guests will also be meeting for the first time. Instead David provides, sophisticated entertainment involving the guests in memorable and fun performance pieces. As David is a renowned large-scale illusionist, the performances your guest will witness are not just limited to small card tricks (like most magicians). David performs full-scale illusions! He has even created effects that have been performed on television by DYNAMO and appeared on numerous TV magic specials himself including Britain’s Got Talent.

The entertainment packages that David offers for a wedding day are based on over twenty years as a professional.

Wedding Magician at Ansty Hall.png

These are the best times to add entertainment to your day:

During The Photographs:
If you have been to a wedding before, this is normally the time you are trying to stretch a glass of champagne and a couple of canapés out to cover the time during the photographs. Whilst the immediate wedding party will be very busy during these times David's entertainment covers any dead spots for all the other guests.

Wedding Magician Northamptonshire reception.jpg

The Wedding Breakfast:
You actually spend very little time eating....The rest of the time you are waiting for the food to arrive or the plates to be cleared. In between the courses is the perfect time for David to add to the atmosphere of the day causing pockets of applause to erupt all around the room. He even performs a VIP show after the main course at the top table!

Quite often he finishes with a hilarious illusion with the best man or notable member of the wedding party. This is the perfect lead in to the speeches. 

Top Table Magic.png

Entertaining The Evening Guests:
I'm sure you have already arranged a fabulous DJ or Live Band to entertain your guests? Quite a lot of people still prefer to hang around in the bar or at their buffet table. During this time David will mingle with these guests creating organic pop up performances that are guaranteed to become one of the highlights of you guest's day.

Evening Entertainment Magician Northampton.jpg

The only problem with trying to book David is that he is one of the most sought after entertainers in the UK. If you have a date in mind please make an enquiry as soon as possible. David will advise on availability and provide you with a quote if you email or fill in the simple form on the contact page.

Northampton Magician David Penn on Britain's Got Talent.jpg

What other magic shows does David Perform?

Close Up Illusions & Tech Magic:
David Penn has won seven international awards for his performances from recognised organisations like The Magic Circle and The International Brotherhood of Magicians. His Close Up Tech Magic is world-renowned and is sure to enhance your next Northampton event.

After Dinner Cabaret Or Stage Show:
After your meal comes to an end it is always preferable to provide some elite after dinner entertainment before any music starts. David's acts are equally at home in high end hotels or private function rooms. David mixes incredible magic with hilarious audience participation, and demonstrates the performing expertise that won him the title of 'The British Magical Championships'. 

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