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Close Up Magician Sheffield

Hiring David Penn as a Close up Magician in Sheffield and throughout South Yorkshire will sprinkle your next corporate event, private party or wedding with a touch of magic.

David Penn Close-Up Magician has won the Magic Circle’s, ‘Close up Magician of the Year’ for his sophisticated form of close up table magic. The act will be sure to amaze and entertain Sheffield guests of all ages, as David mingles and entertains each group of people. The style of David’s magic ensures that amazing sleight of hand can be achieved even at incredibly close quarters and is suitable for a birthday party,  corporate event or wedding. 

The tricks and illusions will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief, in fact if you hadn’t seen it in person, you’d never believe it. David Penn Close-Up Magician has a large expanse of magical illusions in his repertoire that will delight and engage the guests at any Sheffield event.

From Sheffield to London to Las Vegas, He has performed and amazed guests at many private and corporate events. Being so highly respected iin the corporate magician field means that David Penn is one of the most sought after names in the business.

close up magician sheffield

Illusionist Sheffield

For larger Sheffield audiences, where space and budget is often much larger, David Penn will perform a magical Sheffield Live Illusion show.


The performance combines smaller routines from his cabaret magician show to grand scale illusions. The Sheffield Illusion show, strives to mix the intimate atmosphere of David’s cabaret shows with huge, complex illusions, as seen on shows like Britain’s Got Talent. Watch as he performs amazing larger scale illusions that will have you gripped to your seat, even sawing a person in half, while you watch on in amazement.

Performing illusions such as, Eclipse, Clear Metamorphosis, and H20M, has elevated David Penn to one of the country’s premier illusionists.

As well as appearing at many large Sheffield events, David has previously been seen on television shows such as, Britain’s Got Talent, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and FREAKY.

Hiring David Penn close-up magician for your Sheffield event means he will develop a custom package depending on the size of the location, budget and number of guests.

Illusionist Sheffield

Wedding Magician Sheffield

David Penn will be sure to add that extra sprinkle of magic to your big day in Sheffield. Close up magic of this calibre is ideally suited to wedding and family events. David will mingle with your Sheffield wedding guests and perform illusions that will have them spellbound.

Amongst the amazing effects David will perform as a wedding magician include clever watch work, magical champagne bottles and making fish appear from nowhere. Create a day to remember with David’s close-up magic which is guaranteed to amaze and entertain your guests.

It is this elite level of performance that David featured on Britain’s Got Talent and won him the ‘British Magical Championships’ and The Magic Circle’s ‘Close-Up Magician of the Year’. David’s magic has been seen in the UK on five major TV series including ‘BGT’ on ITV, ‘FREAKY’ on Channel 4 and ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ on the BBC. As a Sheffield wedding magician David has performed in some of Europe's premier wedding venues.

Wedding Magician Sheffield
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