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This video feature a small selection of clips from David Penn’s Video Archive.

For discerning individuals looking for entertainment for corporate dinners, weddings, conferences and private events David Penn is the number one choice. To see more video and to book David visit:

Britain’s Got Talent’s David Penn is a seven times national award winning magician and illusionist, whose amazing style of magic will be sure to enhance your next important event.

The entertainment options that David offers include close up magic, after dinner cabaret and illusion shows. His large scale illusion show won him the title of ‘British Magic Champion’ and also secured him a place in the Britain’s Got Talent live final stages.

As a close up magician, David has also been awarded the title of the ‘Magic Circle Close Up Magician Of The Year’ and the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ ‘Close Up Magician of the Year’ for his Close Up Magic. This makes him the number one choice for discerning individuals booking entertainment for weddings, corporate, and private events.

David’s magic has been seen in six major TV series which include ’Britain’s Got Talent’ on ITV, ‘FREAKY’ on Channel 4, ‘Astounding Celebrities’ on ITV and ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ on the BBC. David has also been booked to work internationally alongside performers such as Andrea Bocelli and Il Divo and he has entertained various celebrities and heads of state from around the world, including The Sultan of Brunei and Her Majesty The Queen.

Not only is David a leading corporate magician whose clients include Sony, BMW, Tesco, Bentley, Time Magazine, 3M and Npower, but he can also create bespoke illusions and effects for specific events to impart his client’s key message at trade shows and conferences. In the magic world David is recognised as an innovator and creator of a number of effects that have been used by other well-known TV magicians worldwide, including Dynamo.

David Penn’s unique style of magic has to be seen to be believed and he can be booked for corporate dinners, weddings, conferences and private events. Whether performing close up magic, cabaret or his illusion show, David will entertain, astound and leave your guests utterly amazed.

Close Up Magician Reviews

Certainly an interesting show this week!

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Hole 2.0 by Mickael Chatelain

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Close Up Magician Reviews June 2015

Close up Magician David Penn takes his regular look at the latest magic effects used by close up magicians in the Uk. As a long standing professional magician and illusionist David’s opinion on the latest magic is highly regarded in the world of magic.

Enjoy the show!

Featured on the show this time:

#Selfie by Simon R. Stefan & Alex Pandrea

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Transition by Jamie Docherty & World Magic Shop *Released Today!*

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The Vault by David Penn & World Magic Shop *Released Today*

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Chapswitch by Nicholas Lawrence & SansMinds

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Close Up Magician Reviews

The latest Wizard Product Review is now live. The show features reviews of magical effects and products for close up magicians, illusionists and mind readers.

On this week's show:

EVP by Alan Rorrison

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Killer Prediction by Cody Fisher

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Unbelievalope by Jeff Kaylor

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Canic by Nicholas Lawrence

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Illusionist David Penn Wins Britain Does Variety

Illusionist David Penn is officially the best variety act in the UK

As reported in The Stage & Television Today:

David Penn, an illusionist has won the grand finals of Britain Does Variety.

Following eight regional semi finals, the grand final of Britain Does Variety 2013 was held on Saturday night at the Palace Theatre in Watford.

The competition was judged by an impressive line up of judges with a wealth of industry experience across a variety of disciplines. Head Judge was Giles Cooper who is the executive producer of The Royal Variety Performance.
Other competitors included Dancers, Singers, Jugglers, Mime Artistes and Beatboxers but it was David Penn, the theatrical grand illusionist from who took first place.

David performed three large scale illusions in his act including an incredible, modern version of the ‘Sawing A Lady In Half’ effect using clear boxes! The acts incredible finale featured David’s assistant Juliet, being shackled and locked in a tank under water. In a split second the performers changed places and received a prolonged standing ovation from the six hundred strong audience.

“It was certainly a career highlight. To win such a well respected competition in the entertainment industry is truly an honor.” The illusionist said after receiving the trophy and a cheque for one thousand pounds.

Jack Applebaum, a well respected television director, who also judged the competition said: “The standard was very high indeed but the illusionist David Penn was just incredible! Where has this guy been hiding?”

Illusionist London, Illusionist Watford, UK Illusionist

The Vault launches today

Close Up Magic Effect – The Vault created by David Penn – Filmed in central London

So please to announce that my latest effect - The Vault went on pre order today at You can check out the trailer right here with which is presented by Wayne Fox. We filmed the live performances in central London and the instructional DVD in Rugby. The Vault currently comes with Tab Test for free with all Pre-Orders!
Vault, close up magician effect

Get The Vault right here: World Magic Shop

David Penn, the creator of Mystery Solved and Coinvexed has applied revolutionary new thinking to the ring-flight plot. David has also combined this killer effect with an organic version of the nest of boxes resulting in an effect that will be impossible to comprehend for your spectators.

You casually place your keys on the table, in full view prior to sharing a moment of magic.

A borrowed object such as a ring or a signed coin vanishes without a trace.

Even though the keys have been in full view from the start, for the first time, with empty hands, you pick up your keys and show that attached to the keyring is a box. You open it and inside is another box. You or the spectator opens this to find another box inside. They open the final box of the three to find their object!

The Vault is a precision made gimmick that allows you to accomplish this incredible effect without the need for complicated sleight of hand.

Presented by Wayne Fox and created by David Penn, this is a truly impossible effect that you will always carry on your keyring. This is 'The Vault'.

"That fooled me completely! I've always loved the Nest of Boxes and this is TERRIFIC!"
Doc Eason

"That is just AWESOME!"
Ravi Mayar

"This is pure GENIUS! Your spectators will have no chance to comprehend what just happened"
Rus Andrews

"That is INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to use this!"
Eric Leblon

“This is epic! Such a well structured routine and the final kicker hits you hard when you least expect it. My kind of magic, I love it!”
Steve Rowe

“THE VAULT blew my mind and will kill your spectators dead. Love it!"
Stephen Leathwaite

Created by David Penn