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For most people, their mobile phone is one of their most treasured possessions. Because of the emotional connection we have we these devices David Penn’s Tech iPhone and iPad magic captures an audience like never before.

Amongst many amazing effects David will be able to read your guests’ minds to unlock their own phones! He will make phones vanish within the guests’ own hands, produce objects directly from the digital world and predict words that are searched for on GOOGLE or WIKIPEDIA.

David’s magic has won him the title of ‘The British Magical Champion’. He is not only an innovator but a respected creator of magical effects that have been used by top tv magicians all over the world. The use of mobile phones in an interactive entertainment form is simply the most modern kind of magical evolution and your guest will be blown away when they witness it live!

David can perform his Tech Magic either in a drinks reception situation, on trade or conference stands and even include this digital presentation within a keynote speech or cabaret.

For a discerning audience David’s style of magic will capture them like never before! Contact David today for availability for your next important event and a quote.

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iPhone & iPad Magic / Tech Magician
Tech Magician
Tech Magician / iPhone Magician
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Tech Magician - David Penn