Conferences & Trade Shows

Conference Host & Energiser

David Penn will Energise and compliment your conference perfectly.

Highly respected on the conference circuit, David uses his unique set of skills to demonstrate how you can change people’s perception. This can be applied to sales or persuasion techniques that can then be used by your delegates on a day to day basis.

Other subjects covered can include: The power of positive thought, the links between a magician’s skills and neuroscience and the power of persuasion.

David Penn has been awarded The British Champion of Illusion, so his performance is naturally entertaining and engaging. However, it’s only when you are invited behind the curtain and David lets you in on some of the techniques and strategies that are used in a performance do you become totally inspired.

As well as providing an Energiser session, that is well placed either after lunch or as a kick-start to the conference, David Penn can also act as your host for the day. He can introduce each keynote speaker, summarise key points and maintain energy levels throughout your delegates’ experience.

If you want something different that compliments your conference perfectly, David Penn is acknowledged as one of the leading Energiser entertainers in Europe today.

Your delegates become more susceptible to every message that you impart if they are relaxed and stimulated in an original and engaging way. To guarantee an entertaining keynote speech that will leave your audience Informed, Energised and Entertained contact David’s representatives by clicking below.

Trade Show Magician

David is recognised as a leading exponent in trade show infotainment. He can create a unique magical presentation for your exhibition stand that will stop delegates in their tracks and deliver your message, whilst entertaining them with sophisticated close up magic and illusions. This type of show can be staged on a large or more intimate scale depending on your requirements.

Whether your exhibit is for public relations purposes or to pursue leads (or a combination of both), two things are crucial to achieving your objectives: First, stopping delegates from walking past your exhibit; and second, informing them of your message. Failing to catch the delegates' attention translates into hundreds of thousands of pounds in potential sales literally walking right past you. David can get delegates to your stand and most importantly - make them stay!


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